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Grief Loss & Attachment

Most individuals experience loss at some level at some point in their lives. Loss of a friend or of a pet is a common experience for children as they grow and develop. What makes loss difficult is primarily due to the attachments or bonds that are created when we relate and become close to others. These bonds help us feel safe and secure.
Grief and loss are closely associated but different elements of mourning. Loss occurs when we lose or become distant from someone or something we have a significant attachment to. Loss does not only occur at the death of a loved one or when we move away.

Some common responses to loss and grief include anger, avoidance, fear, isolation, relational conflict, shallow relationships, difficulty bonding with others, challenges with closure, etc. Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, is one of the primary and classic authors that has researched and taught much about grief and loss, in her book, "On Grief and Grieving."


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